Hutong Revitalization Proposal: X-craft

Xuanxi North, Beijing, China

Team Members: Pouya Goshayeshi, Bing Zhao, Yueming Zhao, Steven Chaffer, Seregin Dmitry

X-craft project is meant to revitalize Hutong culture by considering todays’ needs and preserving culture and architectural heritage. After analyzing the circulation, typology and the site context, a series of intertwine programs that complement each other were proposed for this project where public programs such as retail and restaurant is located along the street, private program at the center of the blocks, and series of activity center including cultural, art, and gallery in main intersection and at specific locations.

This project is challenging to preserve Hutong street mass and create transparency at the same time to work with required program by introducing a facade that is made of bricks that could rotate and create openings that is only visible to user from specific location and perspective angle. The sidewalks are using natural pattern that is made of identical roof shingle and grass in-between where it sustain the Hutong environment and reduce the urban heat island effect. The roof are renovated to traditional Hutong roof with breaks in the mass where it connects the people to Hutong history.