Matryoshka (nested planet)

Matryoshka (nested planet)

Zeyker lives in planet Matryoshka. The meaning of traveling and space is different for him compare to humans on earth. His grand parents are living on top innerlayer of the planet which is cold and have a lot of snow, his parents are living  in tropical climate of the most inner layer, and he is living in dense populated middle layer. In the morning he takes the elevator inside his apartment and go to top layer and stop by his grand parents house for a hot coffee and cake, then he go and play with his friends in the middle layer, and before most inner layer go to night, he visit his parents in beautiful exotic jungle.

Zeykoores is a planet far from earth, that consist of 3 nested layer. Its environment is independent from its distance and situation to it’s solar system. The planet follow different physics rules. From outside, it looks like rough, like moon, but each layer inside have a very different environments.

The circulation between nested layers happen through buildings that goes through the layers.

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