Unbuild the Wall

Nogales, Arizona, United States/ Mexico

Date: 08/21/2017

Wall replace with Street (Separation replace with Connection):

The wall between US and Mexico create a separation between families, divide the local economy, and create long term damage to environment. If the wall is replaced with a street; the families will get reunited, companies could invest and use local and international labor force, and environmental damage would be reversed. Imagine a street with vibrant free market where innovation would flourish and both side of the border would benefit from it.

Market Village:

The main street between the two countries is further connected inland with series of street that form a free market village.

Border Patrol:

At the main interstate roads there would be check points to monitor the imports and exports products. This way the border patrols and immigration officers would be stationed at the strategic points where circulation infrastructure between countries are located.

Pathway convert to destination:

There would be housing, offices, schools, factories, and amenities build in free market village. This way the border is not the pathway anymore but a destination that calls for opportunity. People would immigrate to this area for job opportunity, better education, and life. There would be visitors that look for different parts and pieces inside the free market to create their own invention and bring their design into reality.