eureka - architect

The candy "Superlemon" - its taste transforms throughout time, just as a mystical trip turning from super sour to gentle sweetness.

A project started with one impatient reaction towards the long uninspiring tunnel in TST MTR station.

When one talks or studies about Hong Kong, we talk about the city, its hyperdensity, connectiveness and its urbanism. Or there will be people taking a nostalgic approach hanging on to the disappearing components. The lovely mosaics. The balconies. The hawker stores... What if one embraces the much ignored aspects in hong Kong, and the NOW moment?

Could we with the eyes of children, look again at the physical construct of the city, and pull out the ′codes′ which constitute to the subconscious of the city dwellers?

Could we attempt to find hints that suggest Hong Kong contemporary architecture? Or how Hong Kong urbanism defines/ changes/ abuses/ manipulates architectural vocabularies?

This stirred up interesting discussions. Echoes. Debates.

Superlemon has been a parallel journey for our studio since 2012.