House Selection - Stepping Inside a Painting

Happy Valley, Hong Kong

by Annette Chu, Loky Leung

Situated in a Hong Kong neighbourhood with plentiful wine shops, the design of a 30m2 small wine and food shop attempts to create a sense of cinematic space where customers step into a different reality from the everyday life.Inspired by the movie Shirley - Visions of Reality where the director transforms thirteen Edward Hopper paintings into three-dimensional scenes, the design plays on this ambiguity by abstracting the interior and furniture into planes of colours.Daffodil yellow, grey pink and light grey paints highlight the various sides of the existing structures inside the shop; the furniture, adopting the same palette of colours, simultaneously dissolves into and protrudes from the background.This interplay idea is also adopted in the design of display shelves. A set of trays and asymmetrical display containers are introduced. They could be arrayed to the blue steel frame at the centre of the shop, or to be placed along the continuous yellow storage along the long wall under the alternating yellow frames and blue open shelves, or to be positioned on the yellow display shelf near the shop front. Except the two pendants, all lights are hidden. Similar to movie set lighting, it focuses on the lighting and shadow to accentuate the overall spatial effect.At the front, the shop adopts a back-lit individually mounted signage that resembles that of an old cinema. Together with the startle azure blue shop front framing the interior, it is hinting this switch between reality and cinematic.Endnotes: The shop owner has purchased a print of Edward Hoppers painting for the shop.

House Selection Stepping Inside a Painting01
House Selection Stepping Inside a Painting02
House Selection Stepping Inside a Painting03
House Selection Stepping Inside a Painting04