Revolutionising architecture by seamlessly integrating it into everyday life, enhancing and refining spaces for a more enriching and harmonious environment.


Championing human-centric design, we reflect human needs, aspirations, and experiences in our architecture. Our comprehensive services create transformative spaces that inspire and uplift.


Eureka is an architectural studio that was founded in 2011. Over the years, we have established ourselves as a reputable firm, specializing in a wide range of projects with a strong focus on Hong Kong. Our portfolio showcases our expertise in education projects, spanning from early childhood to secondary education. Additionally, we have also taken on diverse and meaningful ventures, including tenement houses, crafts foundations, cycling hubs, elderly homes, intergenerational housing, and the renovation of columbaria.

Collaboration lies at the heart of our approach. We work closely with our clients and end users, going beyond the confines of the design brief to explore their unique visions and requirements. We believe in the power of dreaming and are equally committed to the process of transforming our dreams into reality.

Expanding beyond our hometown in 2020, we embrace new challenges, pushing the boundaries of architectural innovation and excellence.

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Eureka’s works are constantly inspired by different art forms. Through our appreciation of movies, paintings, sculptures, poems, we explore their embedded emotional power and transform these atmospheric qualities into architecture.


Eureka understands meaningful engagement of stakeholders could contribute to good and meaningful spaces. Be it a discussion or workshop to understand their core values; an interactive game to explore their dreams; or an exercise to collect their precious experience, we translate and develop into architectural narratives with sensibility.


Eureka focuses on the concept of “social landscape” - how space creates stages for people to enjoy, interact, and discover new possibilities that speak to our Utopian imaginations.


Eureka believes creation is an act that connects history and future possibilities. We preserve, at the same time, intervene. We improvise and insert precisely new elements.


Eureka cares about the intimate relationship between human senses and objects. Be it a framed view, a tactile experience on a sensory wall, or an elevated secret passage for kids, we explore moments and design experiences that create resonance with people.


Eureka is interested in pulling out elements that construct the urban fabric of our city. We collect these phenomena and transform them into different spatial experiences in our design.