The candy "Superlemon" embodies a taste that evolves over time, akin to a mystical journey transitioning from intense sourness to gentle sweetness.

Superlemon originated as a project in Eureka, born out of a restless response to the monotonous tunnel of TST MTR station.

When we discuss or study Hong Kong, we often focus on its cityscape, hyperdensity, connectivity, and urbanism. Some may nostalgically cling to disappearing elements like the charming mosaics, balconies, or hawker stores. What if we embrace the overlooked aspects of Hong Kong and the present moment?

Can we, with the eyes of children, reexamine the physical structure of the city and unravel the "codes" that shape the subconscious of its inhabitants? Can we attempt to discover hints that reflect Hong Kong's contemporary architecture? Or explore how Hong Kong's urbanism defines, changes, abuses, or manipulates architectural vocabularies? These questions have sparked intriguing discussions, echoes, and debates.

We strive to be hyper-sensitive.

Since 2012, Superlemon has been a parallel journey, serving as a vehicle to push the boundaries of Eureka's concepts.