West Landscaped Deck

Wanchai, Hong Kong

by Annette Chu, Timothy Cheung & Gigi Chiu

The concept of the West Landscaped Deck maximizes the opportunity to provide public space and greenery for public enjoyment, with open views to Victoria Harbour. The West Landscaped Deck provides a major walkway connecting the new harbourfront to the garden adjacent to Grand Hyatt. It has three major parts: The Viewing Deck at the north where a large open space with a gently sloping down lawn is designed for public to rest, stay, have leisure activities with Victoria Harbour as a wonderful backdrop. Performances can also take place. Connecting the north and south is The Green-way with extensive planting on both sides to give a calm and comfortable walking experience. A light-weight canopy with form and shape varying rhythmically and designed to harmonize with the surroundings is provided along the pedestrian walkway to pro for sun and rain shelter. Given the proximity to the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and the Hong Kong Arts Centre, the southern part is The Open Air Gallery where a corridor paved with lawn is provided on the west side of the WLD such that additional space amid greenery is available for potential art works display.

West Landscaped Deck01
West Landscaped Deck02
West Landscaped Deck03