William’s House

Hong Kong year: 2020 | status: built | type: private home, interior | photo credit: Client and Kelvin Mak

Annette Chu, Tommy Yeung and Sam Chan

After the completion of our Off-White House a decade ago, the client and his family continue to explore another playful spatial language of staging pleasant surprises in their other private house. The design, like a treasure box revealed layer by layer, creates a bold, dark and mysterious atmosphere. A rich material palette of dark grey terrazzo, slates, black and oxidized steel, marble paint is used to contrast the lush greenery and vast view of Victoria Harbour.

The stairs extend and form a stage wrapping around the dining room. At the centre is a bespoke round dining table that serves as a centrepiece. Instead of adding a “Lazy Susan” above the table to serve a large party, the design reforms a traditional round dining table to a neat, transformable and versatile piece by having a built-in revolving disc to create a unified surface for dining. Two outer rings, treated with refined patina, are installed to expand the dining surface from 2m to 3m when needed. When not in use, they are hung on the wall and treated as an art-piece.

William house01
William house02
William house03