Location: - year: 2015 | status: idea | type: others | size: - Research: Annette Chu, Gabriel Lee, Wendy Hui, Loky Leung, Evelyn Fung, Connie Lau, Timothy Cheung, Houston Burnette roof-stacking drawings: Wendy Hui

Movies have strong narrative.

Rooftop are spaces isolated from the common social norm in Hong Kong. The hidden. The outcast. The secret.

We have little contact with the sky. Yet, these spaces are what we yearn for... Free to imagine. Free to desire. The settings for the movie scenes are interventions which reinforce/ stimulate stories to happen. They are “stages” with emotions. Sometimes it is spatial. Sometimes it is atmospheric. Sometimes it is territorial. Sometimes it depends on the materials and props. We deliberately look for movies with rooftop scenes of Hong Kong and thought - If we extract the “device” and reapply it to another scenario, can we curate a setting with same emotional power? Or, what if we stack these intriguing spaces together, could these qualities be retained in a tower condition? We are keen on unveiling the communicative power of architecture. From the finest emotions originated from motion pictures, we look closely, and start building up the spaces and atmosphere back from every single scene.

6 Hong Kong movies were studied: Truth or Dare: 6th Floor Rear Flat, Unbeatable, Full Throttle, Hidden Heroes, Protégé, Hollywood Hong Kong.