Spread by GUM

Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong kong year: 2011 | status: built | type: commercial| area: 35sqm photo credit: William Au-Yeung | award : Certificate of Excellence, Commercial, Retail or Office Interior Design (Professional), Perspective Awards 2012

by Annette Chu, Raymond Leung, Joshua Leung

The client is young company which promotes anything and everything bike related in the rather non-bicycle friendly city of Hong Kong. To increase their market exposure, we were approached to design their first retail shop (SPREAD by GUM). The client ’s brief aims to shift away from the traditional "bike-shop" model, but rather operates closer to a "Gallery / Event Space" which is more in-tuned with their marketing direction. They need a space which can be dressed up holistically every month in a different theme to showcase their products, messages and events.

Inspired by the Pin Art toy, the PLAY and DISPLAY wall was developed as a concept to amalgamate the functional need of a shop and the fluidity of a gallery / event space. 5412 recycled paper tubes of 38.5mm Ø was used to create a display wall which can be totally customised to suit the products on display or the theme of the month (may be just a bold message!) Products can be indented into, leaned against, cradled in or hung on this wall like a 3D wall mural. To contrast this, the rest of the space was treated simply with bare white walls and a dark grey polished concrete floor. The table is hinged which can be turned and rest on top of the floating cabinet to create a bigger space in the shop for events or display use.

The space is also used as a socialising hub for like-minded customers and friends, where film nights, parties and cycling related events will be held regularly. An extendible concrete plinth (known as the STAGE) was introduced by the open-able glass shop front, allowing activities to spill out onto the street and videos projected onto the adjacent walls. The STAGE will double up as a shop window display box, like a stage set in theatre in front of the unobstructed glass shop front.

To be consistent with GUM′s green ethos (GUM stands for Green Urban Mobility), the facade was simply dressed with hand creased recycled laminated paper, from the same supplier which produced the paper tubes. All light fittings used in the shop are LED to reduce the dependency on A/C. Bike parking will be provided in the light-well at the back of the store to encourage customers to visit on 2 wheels!

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