Pun Chun Yuen Office

Pun Chun Yuen, Tai Po, Hong Kong year: 2014 | status: built | type: culture | area: -photo credit: Bo

by Annette Chu and Wendy Hui

Set in a tranquil Buddhist park, a pragmatic little house is being transformed to a small office as a greeting to the visitors.





white granite chips.

A natural palette and the true-self of material is brought to complement the delightful greenery and overwhelming nature in the surroundings. Continuing the use of wood as a mark of transformation, the intrinsic proportion of existing windows is accentuated with wooden frames and screens.

Masses of concrete stairs and ramps extend from the original landscape to reach the platform that naturally sets the building slight above.

With the afternoon sun in place, an interplay of light, shadows and texture comes into play.

Pun Chun Yuen Office01
Pun Chun Yuen Office02
Pun Chun Yuen Office03